As a collaborative project, the Project Team is committed to sharing our preliminary findings with our stakeholders and people who are interested in neighbourhood houses. However, if you intend to cite information posted on this site, particularly for scholarly purposes (publication and research), please first seek written permission from the Project Leader, Dr. Miu Chung Yan (


1. Community Forum Presentation (PPT)

Community Dissemination Forum 2013

2. Clearinghouse Preliminary Findings

Clearinghouse Report 2013

3. IFS Conference 2014 (Preliminary Findings)

NH and Community Building: A Study of BWIN Project (Miu Chung Yan & Gojjam Limenihe)

Approaches to the Governance of State-NGO Relationships (John Shields)

Building the Web of Resources: Examining the Findings of a Community and Assets Mapping Study (Pilar Riano-Alcala, Ben Kearney, Vicky Li)

Government-NH Relationships: Vancouver as a Fertile Ground for Place-Based Governance Approaches (Oliver Schmidtke & Alexander Gunn)

A Clearing House of Neighbourhood Houses in Metro Vancouver (Miu Chung Yan & Rory Sutherland)

4. A Historical Who’s Who in Metro-Vancouver Neighbourhood Houses (Eleanor Stebner)

Historical Who’s Who in MV NHs

5. A supplementary Bibliography for Metro-Vancouver Neighbourhood Houses (Eleanor Stebner)

NHiMV Bibliography

6. Preliminary Findings of Government and NH Relationships (Alexander Gunn and Oliver Schmidtke)

Preliminary Findings of Government and NH relationships

7. Neighbourhood Houses in Metro Vancouver: An Interactive History (Eleanor Stebner) (Please click the title)

8. Articulating Accessibility In Place-Based Community Organizations (Miu Chung Yan & Pilar Riano-Alcala)

Articulating Accessibility

9. Neighbourhood Houses: Developing Social Capacity Among Newcomers to Canada (Sean Lauer & Miu Chung Yan)

Developing Social Capacity

10. IFS Bi-Annual International Conference at Berlin

Building Welcoming and Inclusive Neighbourhoods: NH as a place‐based policy mechanism to support Immigrants’ Settlement (Joel Bronstein)

Burnaby Neighbourhood House (Antonia Beck)

The Neighbourhood House Movement in Metro Vancouver (Debra Bryant – ANHBC)

Neighbourhood Houses in Metro Vancouver Part 1 Part 2 (Kerstin Stuerzbecher and Eleanor Stebner)

Neighbourhood Houses: Developing Social Capacity Among Newcomers to Canada (Sean R. Lauer)

Immigrants in House: Trajectories of Leadership, Work, and Belonging (Pilar Riaño‐Alcalá)

Nurturing Immigrants’ Social Capital and Collective Voice: NHs as Place-based Community Organizations (Oliver Schmitke)

Neighbourhood Houses as a Community Capacity Building Mechanism for Immigrants (Miu Chung Yan)

South Vancouver Seniors Hub: Building a Network for Seniors Participation and Leadership (Karen Larcombe and Shelley Jorde)