What are NHs?

What are Neighbourhood Houses?  

Neighbourhood Houses (NHs) are place-based third sector organizations that offer a service model that integrates the functions of social delivery, community building, and community change through local community/neighborhood centers.

What Makes Neighbourhood Houses Unique?

  • Place-based, neighborhood-based focus
  • Multi-service: Integrated service delivery/provision
  • Community governed, driven, ownership
  • Promote social inclusion and integration of newcomers to Canada
  • Generate social capital in local community
  • Increase access to social services and education
  • Facilitate positive interactions between residents
  • Sensitive to local needs, services are needs-based
  • Membership-based service approach that positions service users as active participants, commitment to nurturing sense of ownership in community
  • Community-building, nurture sense of community and collective efficacy
  • Community self-help and empowerment, mutual interdependence
  • Advocacy
  • Social Change
  • Strategically inclusive to engage different groups in various social change agendas
  • Respect for diversity
  • Multi-generational emphasis
  • Sensitivity and respect for diversity (Yan, 2004)

Neighborhood Houses Nurture…..

  • Communication
  • Interdependence
  • Solidarity
  • Humanism
  • Inclusivity
  • Democracy
  • Social capital among community

(Yan & Lauer, 2008)

The Neighbourhood House model takes a holistic perspective of human needs and adopt a comprehensive service model which provides services across the following domain

  1. Social
  2. Educational
  3. Humanitarian
  4. Civic

Motives of democratic participation, sharing, and reciprocity are are actualized through these services (Yan, 2004)

Functions of Neighbourhood Houses

  • Social service delivery
  • Community building-asset building
  • Social change


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